For its third exhibition, the Laurent & Laurent gallery is offering a unique group show in Nice: "Bruts & Singuliers, Non-Mainstream Art".

Who are these artists long shunned by the institution before the donation of the Bruno Decharne collection to the Center Georges Pompidou (National Museum of Modern Art) in Paris?

All and all are free electrons, self-taught geniuses who have ignored art schools, their fashions, their standards and their dictates.

The art and the urgency to create a work arose in their lives by surprise, imposed itself as an existential necessity, the antipodes of any notion, even idea of a career.

The Laurent & Laurent Gallery has selected ten artists, women and men, representative of the chatoyancy, the plurality and the vitality of raw and unique art in France today.

Landscape Variations is the title of our next exhibition taken from Pierre Sansot's book. The sociologist describes to us the incredible mobility of the landscape, which remains a visible place of our historical and daily action.

The landscape is the playground and the stake of our emotions. It projects us into the imagination and our desires which, mixed with memory creating self-fiction.

I invited three photographers, with distinct and singular approaches to the landscape: Xavier Delory, Paul P D'Haese and Bruno Fontana.

There are the monument and the transgression, the border and the in-between, the totem and the absence.